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A few quick things:

  • Nice interview by Maury with Bob Bowman, who is the CEO of MLB Advanced Media. They have done, and are doing, a bunch of good things, especially compared to other leagues. But as I’ve said, their calling card should be open content. It is the difference between a successful product, and a game-changer. More on this soon.
  • Roger Clemens may have used steroids. Many players did. And no, the business has not been affected. And the Mitchell Report was still not a good idea. And I could have written all of that a year ago, word for word. Kind of getting boring. Yet all I read about is the negative impact this latest “scandal” will have on the sport. And I’m talking the Wall Street Journal, not your local sports columnist. Speaking of which…
  • I used to get upset about the randomness and ignorance of the Hall of Fame voters. I’m pretty much over it, and honestly I mostly ignore it now. It is a terribly mismanaged system, and shouldn’t be taken seriously on any level. I haven’t taken any more than a passing look at the results, but the idea that Jim Rice could get over three times as many votes as Tim Raines is pretty disgusting. Collectively, the BBWAA is an awful, misinformed group, as they continue to prove year after year with this vote, as well as the regular season award voting. As long as they are the gatekeepers, the Hall will remain meaningless.

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