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We’re looking for data, and we need your help. In the spirit of Project Scoresheet, Retrosheet, and other open standard projects, Squawking Baseball and others are launching a project to collect, organize, and distribute financial data relating to Major League Baseball.

More Information:
* Download Data (Coming Very Soon)
* Submit Data
* Who’s Doing This?


1) What is our goal?
We want to build an open database, in order to create new lines of research throughout the sabermetric community

2) Why should you help?
This database will be owned by everyone. We believe in sharing information. The more smart people doing research on a subject, the better our own research can become.

3) Why is financial information so important?
Player X signs a 4 year, $50 million contract. We can estimate his performance level, but how do we value that performance? Financial information helps us study and forecast the market, which then provides better context for every player’s deal.

Submit Data

To submit data, e-mail us at squawk(AT)squawkingbaseball.com, or contact Maury Brown here.

Who’s Doing This?

Everybody! You, me, and anyone else who is interested.