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We’ve covered this before, but here’s a quick note from the current issue of BusinessWeek reaffirming the point:

Former Senator George Mitchell’s report on steroid use hit the Major Leagues with the force of a 99-mph beanball. But somehow, hardly any of the sport’s biggest business backers got clocked. That’s because none of the 80-odd players named are power hitters in terms of endorsement deals. (AT&T (T) featured Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens in one of its ads, but that spot stopped running in November.) Baseball’s No. 1 corporate fan, General Motors (GM), is still in talks to renew a sponsorship deal that expired last season. And State Farm, headed into the second year of a three-year accord, seems equally unfazed. (AdAge.com)

Let’s say it one more time: the steroids issue has not, and will not, hurt baseball’s business. Any thoughts to the contrary are completely media driven.

Score another one for the former used-car salesman from Milwaukee.

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