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In any capitalistic society, the market is king. What are the trends? Where is it shifting? What is overvalued? What is undervalued? Every executive tries to answer these and other questions, looking to give his or her business an edge. Private citizens face similar challenges. What stock is on the rise? When is the best time to buy a house?

In baseball, like on Wall Street, the market is constantly changing, presenting enormous challenges to those in charge: stay in front of the trends, play the cards right, and, hopefully, stay in contention.

That’s where we come in. We are baseball people first and foremost. Despite tender ages (mostly early to mid-20s), everyone on our staff has experience in a Major League front office, as well as in outside businesses. Some of us also happen to be Wall Street junkies, consistently beating the stock market by staying ahead of the curve. What we hope to create with this blog is an outlet for us, and others, to look at the market for baseball talent with the same kind of thoughtful, diligent outlook.

- The Squawking Baseball Team

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