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Just wanted to mention this quickly. On one hand, it could be taken as a sign that corporate demand for luxury suites should stay strong next season (something we’ve discussed in the past). On the other hand, I’m actually a little surprised this is all they were charging. If the Cowboys can charge consumers $150,000 for a personal seat license, can’t the Mets charge corporations $800,000 for a one-year luxury suite?

This brings up some other questions, such as: what are the Yankees charging? How do the Yankees’ plans compare to the Mets’ (i.e. which are more inclusive)? Will this be indicative of strong corporate demand throughout the league? And going along with what I wrote yesterday, could teams benefit from going to an alternate deal structure, such as multi-year contracts, or long-term timeshares? Hopefully we’ll get more information on all of this as the offseason goes along.

Unrelated side note: just posted on Squawking Tech about Facebook and collaborative software. Check it.

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